It’s not all about blended family stuff.


We all want to live a certain way, we all want to live a certain lifestyle. For me and Nicky, that means growing our own food, working on our beautiful (but needs a lot of work) house, living sustainably and looking after our physical and mental health.


I want to be in the best position possible to raise our kids to be healthy, happy and well-rounded adults. This isn’t something that is unique to blended families so needs its own home on our little corner of the web.


The range of topics in this category is huge – gardening, self-sufficiency, DIY, money, food, personal growth and well being….the list goes on.


These are things that I am really passionate about. Sometimes because they have really helped me in some way, maybe it has made me a better person or made me more able to cope with the demands of being a busy blended parent.


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