Blended Family Journal

I journal every day. It’s a really important part of my daily routine. You can find out why herehere and here. You could just Google “journaling” – it’s everywhere.


For me, it came from being a student of Stoicism. The ancient philosophy that is making a huge resurgence due to its applicability to the modern world. Not only has Stoicism survived for thousands of years, you can apply its teaching to life today.


This section of the blog is a peek into our life, our blended family – warts and all. It’s a public journal full of my ramblings about our life and perhaps, more importantly, my struggles and difficulties.


I’ll be talking about everything from gardening, home improvement, cooking and parenting. Just what’s been going on in my life, what I am finding interesting right now. The gadgets and gizmo’s I am using (I have a serious shiny object problem).


It’s an outlet, a form of catharsis for me but also some accountability. Have I been living as I advise? Have I been using the tools and guidance provided by my own site?


I totally embrace the notion laid out by one of my favourite writers – Mark Manson. Mark goes to great lengths to persuade us that embracing the fact that we are wrong all the time about everything is key to growth. If we can accept our faults and failings then we can learn from them and be better.


If I am doing it right I am less wrong today than I was yesterday.

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